Playing the Blame Game

“What is the media being blamed for and is it justified?” I’ll do my best to keep it short and simple by covering three issues:

1) Teenage self-esteem and health issues essentially due to the altering and photo-shopping of model images in magazines. Here’s a quick video that’s serious (yet kinda funny) and shows the extent to which the media can edit and alter pictures.

Unfortunately if you eat lot’s of pizza, you won’t become a model. Videos that portray the editing process justify the reasoning behind blaming the media. Teenagers –generally females – aspire to look like these models because they’re stunning and (coming from a female) it can definitely decrease self-esteem and influence unhealthy actions to achieve the desired body type. Thus, like a kettle of boiling water over a flame (Turnbull 2014), leads to potential health disorders to quicken the path to the perceived “perfect figure.”

2) Social media: blamed for cyber bullying. Without a doubt, it’s the individuals on the other end of the screen that are enacting the bullying, but social media is as easily at fault because it’s essentially the open pathway to the victim. More specifically, I’d like to talk about the recent death of Charlotte Dawson (RIP). The model celebratory committed suicide very recently due to her cyber trolls on Twitter fuelling her depression. She was never shy to express her opinions, but hey, some clever cutting and editing when she was caught on camera could easily exaggerate her ‘nasty’ opinions for the world to see and in doing so, increasing her haters. Check out this article in which blames Twitter as a variable that resulted in her death.

Is it justified? I suppose it’s a matter of opinion, Twitter was the contact source to get to Dawson, however we also have to consider the individuals who abused this power to attack her.

3) If you watch the news, you’ve probably noticed that they love to exaggerate stories, even their ads always express a MUST WATCH segment to capture viewers. E.g.


Photo Source: Google Images

Recently, they’ve been portraying (and over-dramatizing) the concept of the ‘Coward Punch’ and this has been the driving force to the new lockout laws in the City. (I’m very sympathetic towards the families of the victims and by no means am I aiming to disrespect them, this is just about the new laws.) The younger generation are very unpleased with said laws ( and are blaming the media for these because they aren’t looking at facts – e.g. majority of the punches were before 9pm. Basically, it’s easy to blame the media for encouraging the creation of these laws and is mainly justified because of their power in influencing the government and spreading fear throughout the population.

So, there you have it. All above issues may be viewed as bias due to my own opinion. I respect that others may have different opinions and although I encourage comments, please refrain from being nasty 🙂

– D.


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3 Responses to Playing the Blame Game

  1. emmalauren95 says:

    I love how you have address the issue of Body Image in relation to media. That is a massive issue that the media should definitely be blamed for. Giving unrealistic standards to women especially should be looked at so we can start mending the damage it has done already

  2. euanthomasmalcolm says:

    Hey Danielle. In regard to your point about social media being blamed for cyber bullying, I agree on the basis that we should be looking at the individuals whom the abuse came from first and foremost. Social media is merely used as the medium to promote these behaviours. Really valid points and a great read!

  3. maxc98 says:

    Hey Danielle, I really like the style in which you wrote this blog it was very to the point and easy to read. I also agree with you with all points made especially about the new lock out laws, Thank you.

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