The Medium is the Message

This weeks lecture had two focal points, McLuhan’s idea that ‘the medium is the message’ and convergent media practices. I’ve recorded my reflection using SoundCloud to highlight my understanding on these two topics, specifically using Facebook as an example to explain my understanding. The use of a podcast allows me to explain my thinking a little clearer and delve into more detail.



Brier, N 2011, On Facebook, the Medium Is the Message, Fast Company, viewed 10 March 2016 <;

Federman, M 2004, What is the Meaning of The Medium is the Message?, viewed 9 March 2016, <;


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3 Responses to The Medium is the Message

  1. taylabosley says:

    I really enjoyed your post Danielle!
    As I want to include SoundCloud into my digital artefact, I appreciate the way that you used to it to discuss a topic that would have been quite dense to translate into writing. I feel like you understand the effects of a medium upon a message, and your Facebook example was well-put and relatable. I would have like to see you touch on the importance of the medium itself. Such as how Facebook has evolved into our current most popular form of communication and how that has affected society as a whole in terms of communication. But overall a good post that I enjoyed listening to.
    Well done,

  2. Hi Danielle,
    I think it is great that you reflected your understandings from the lecture through a Soundcloud podcast. Your podcast was very clear and concise which made it easy to understand all of your key points. I thought it was great that you used Facebook as an example as the majority of us all use this social media platform everyday. Therefore, it was a lot easier for us all to understand due to our background knowledge on Facebook. I liked how you also talked about the other topic convergences. Your podcast shows that you had a great understanding from the lecture by taking these points further and explaining them in your perspective.
    All the best,

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