Copy is not Right

Copyright has become an important issue within the world, yet despite knowing what it is and the consequences associated with it, millions of internet users everyday are breaching copyright codes. This is largely because of the accessibility and freedom at the touch of a button online. Music, movies, information and even books can be downloaded with ease and without payment through torrents and streaming sites, admittedly to the satisfaction of consumers and individuals. However, this creates serious frustration for the artists and creators of these works. Not only are they losing money, but also potential credibility which is just wrong!

I believe one way to better enforce copyright laws would be through the removal of streaming sites such as Piratebay and uTorrent and fines for infringements as we have previously seen with LimeWire, the peer-to-peer file sharing system shut down in 2010 for copyright infringement. The company suffered through a lawsuit for 4 years against the US music industry (Halliday, J 2010). Artists and creators themselves also need to be aware of any copied material that belongs to them so they have the ability to pursue legal action.

For example, one case that comes to mind when thinking about copyright issues is the case of Vanilla Ice vs. David Bowie/Queen as highlighted by the Prezi I created below.


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One Response to Copy is not Right

  1. shnicholls says:

    I found your post informative and I like how you have included your opinion about copyright into this blog post.
    Your examples are good and helped me understand the whole concept that little bit better. I knew LimeWire got shut down but I did not realise that they went through a four year law suit.

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