The World is in your Hand

This week we explored platforms, permissions and ideologies in technological convergence. It was particularly surprising to learn the differences between Apple and Android smartphones where in Apple is a locked appliance and the Android is a generative platform.

This got me thinking about smartphones in general and the technological convergence of different media platforms, now made accessible on smart phones.

“Convergence alters the relationship between existing technologies, industries, markets, genres and audiences” – Jenkins, H 2004

The small devices that live in our hands and pockets are no longer simply just telecommunication devices but are a combination of a computer, television, gps, camera and so on. We have the ability to download, play games, watch videos, read books and the access news due to the mutation of other media platforms such as print books becoming digital (not only on smartphones but Kindles too), digital newspapers and TV networks creating apps to stream programs on smart devices.

And so, free flowing content is definitely a lot more accessible due to the digital age and our beloved smartphones are allowing us to store everything we need on one device.




Jenkins, H 2004, The cultural logic of media convergence, International Journal of Cultural Studies, Volume 7(1), p. 34, viewed 23 March 2016 <;

Mitew, T 2016, ‘Week 4: I  gadgets: platforms, permissions and ideologies in technological convergence’, Lecture/Prezi Presentation, BCM 112, University of Wollongong, 23 March 2016 <;

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3 Responses to The World is in your Hand

  1. Clare says:

    Great post and great use of references!
    for next time maybe go in a little deeper about the differences about the two types of phones and how they can be altered, for the people not in university but do come across this blog may want to know a little more or maybe even give them places where they can find the differences for themselves as this is a very popular topic at this day and age.
    Also with your picture try to press ‘save picture as’ and then upload it as a set featured image to your blog post so then it is shown within the post instead of just the link to it.
    all in all great work on your blog!

  2. Clare says:

    Sorry once you click on your actual blog the photo comes up but just not while its in the tagged searched for bcm112

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