Power to the People!

“The internet is dialogic by design.” – Mitew, 2016

This statement, as quoted in this weeks lecture, struck me the most. Although in the back of my mind I already knew it, it still slightly surprised me and stressed the realisation that the people hold the power online, and honestly, this slightly scares me.

A dialogic internet provides everyone the opportunity to broadcast any message and freedom to participate in discussion and share opinions online, particularly through social media platforms where gatekeepers are weak or non-existent. We have come a long way from a monologic media, in which gatekeepers control what is broadcast and the (passive) audience is being spoken to. So, what are the benefits and implications of this dialogic online society?

In the prezi below, I’ve highlighted the empowerment and participation of witnesses in The London Bombings (2005) and a recent Western Sydney Brawl and how they contributed to dialogic platforms, such as social media, and the effects of doing so.



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One Response to Power to the People!

  1. shnicholls says:

    I found your blog very informative and it definitely helped my insight into this topic.
    Your prezi I though personally was really good. The examples you gave were a real eye opener and your quotes that you used just proved the point even more that citizen journalism is definitely and no doubt a thing.
    All in all I thought this post was really good (:

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