Give me (Potter)more!

My favourite example of transmedia convergence is without a doubt, The Harry Potter franchise. Harry Potter began as novels by J.K. Rowling, expanded into a film series, video games, e-books, smart phone apps, and even a theme park – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – which has just opened. The multiple entry points allow active fans to seek out, share content, and ultimately interact with it (Edwards, L 2012).

In 2012, Pottermore was launched. The digital publishing, e-commerce, entertainment and news company, allows fans to enjoy J.K Rowling’s new writing and immerse themselves deeper in the wizarding world. It is a successful example of transmedia storytelling as it expands our knowledge and deepens our experience of the Harry Potter story. Jenkins, H (2011) supports this as he explains Pottermore is “an extension of the information we have available about the world rather than as a replication of the story from one medium to another.” It nicely fits in with the elements of Jenkins’ Transmedia Storytelling 101, proving to be a unified and coordinated entertainment system in which fans can interact with and culturally connect with fellow fans.




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