Tweeting Celebs

Twitter is constantly changing celebrity culture, as it’s viewed as an attractive platform to circulate opinions and news online. Celebs such as Katy Perry (most popular celeb on twitter), have the ability to communicate to fans and ‘regular’ individuals are now increasingly using platforms like twitter to construct their self-presentation to build their own fan bases, referred to as ‘micro-celebrities.’

In both cases, maintaining the twitter presence is no easy task as celebs must present themselves as ‘authentic’ while meeting fan expectations to maintain relationships and popularity.

Whilst I agree that twitter has its perks as an interactive online culture, personally I have never seen the attraction of a ‘micro-celebrity’ life as it exposes oneself to online trolls. No matter how well you present yourself, haters will emerge.  Jimmy Kimmel’s segment ‘Mean Tweets’ exemplifies this perfectly as celebrities read negative tweets about themselves.




Marwick, A & Boyd, D 2011, ‘To See and Be Seen: Celebrity Practice on Twitter,’ SAGE, viewed 11 May 2016 <;

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