Music and Cardio Performance Findings

As some of you may know, particularly if you assisted in filling out my survey earlier in the semester, for my subject BCM210, I undertook a research project assignment exploring whether students believe music enhances their cardio performance at the gym. 

I would firstly like to thank the students who participated in answering my short survey as without you I wouldn’t have the following results.

Here are the main primary findings, calculated from 100 student responses.

  • 95% of students surveyed listen to music whilst undertaking cardio exercise.
  • 90% of students surveyed believe that music does enhance their cardio performance, whereas only 10% do not. This question also included a why/why not open ended section for students to elaborate on why they chose yes or no.

The most common answers for choosing ‘yes’ included:

  • The beat helps momentum and rhythm (41% of students who said yes mentioned this)
  • The music is motivating (39%)
  • Positive distraction from fatigue/pain (32%)
  • Mentally pumped/Boosted mood (16%)
  • Helps track cardio time due to the amount of songs (4%)
  • Electronic or techno music are perceived to be the most effective type of music (33%), followed by pop (24%) and hip-hop (10%).

I hope these results offer you a new perspective on the interrelation between music and cardio performance. Overall, I have concluded that music is a positive external motivator that causes distraction from fatigue and boosts mood and momentum. Due to this, and supported by secondary sources, the perceived amount of concentration on the exercise decreases and the perceived exertion rate decreases as well, in turn improving performance. Whilst electronic music was perceived to be the most effective type, this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so it’s important for YOU to choose the music type that provides sufficient stimulus to use as a psychological motive.

If you have any further queries, tweet me at @daniellemaree4  🙂




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