Online Media Persona

As a Gen Y child, I have never experienced a world without internet and ever evolving technology. I was introduced to the internet quite early on, namely playing online computer games during my childhood.

During my teens was when I first encountered various media spaces. I am currently active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat, WordPress and can access all of these platforms via my iPhone, apple mac laptop and iPad. When analyzing each of my online accounts, it’s interesting to see that I use each platform for a different purpose and each purpose reflects a different part of me and my stage in life. My Instagram account is generally photos based on places I’ve been as there are a lot of landscape photos and I generally don’t upload selfies or food photos as I have more of an appreciation for adventure, exploring new places and showing off the beauty in life. I rarely post on Facebook unless I share a link (generally an interesting news piece OR a totally hilarious video that needs to be shared). I like to be social via Facebook messenger and keep up with friends and family. My twitter is used purely for university purposes and reflects that I am a student of UOW. Similarly, my wordpress account is also used for university assignment purposes, however still shows my opinions and perspectives on communication and media topics.


As a 20-year-old, my position in the media scape has always been quite prominent and will probably increase as I move on in life in business and communication and media. I’m looking forward to the revelations that BCM240 will reveal this semester.

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