The Household Diaries

Welcome to the Household Diaries!

My BCM240 final assignment will explore the media trends and usage in different households as an expansion on week 4  – Locating the Networked home.  The purpose is to identify relationships between different family dynamics and their media usage. For example, a family of 5 may use more media than a family of 3, but I want to delve deeper into what media they’re using, why and how this affects the family overall. I chose this topic because I thought it was such a reality check when I conducted research on my own family and our media use.

I aim to interview at least 5 families, however will begin with my own. The questions asked will include general questions such as;

  • How many people live in your household and what are their genders and ages?
  • How many devices are used in your household (including computers, mobile phones, televisions, iPads, iPods, game consoles etc)
  • Who uses the most media and for what purpose?
  • How does media affect family engagement within the household?

Follow up questions will possibly be asked to explore each individuals media usage on a deeper level to find out why/why they don’t use media.

Each family will be represented in a separate blog post and the final post will be a summation and comparison between each family and my thoughts on the information I’ve gathered. First names will remain anonymous and I will be identifying individuals by their gender and age, and as always members will be aware findings will be published on this blog.

I hope this project causes participants and readers to reflect on their own media use at home as it has for me!

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