The Household Diaries – The James’


Family Profile

Subject 1 | Male | Age 51 

Subject 1 owns an iPhone, Samsung tablet and PC and is the provider of two family TVs (with Foxtel). Within the household, most of his media consumption involves the TV and use of the PC for both leisure and work purposes.

Subject 2 | Female | Age 50 

Subject 2 owns her Samsung phone, tablet and spends a lot of time watching drama and reality shows on TV. Subject 2 rarely uses the PC however uses tablet quite regularly for a variety of reasons including online banking, shopping, research and news.

Subject 3 | Male | Age 22 

Subject 3 owns an iPhone, TV with Foxtel in his room and xbox and is the biggest media user in the household. Of an afternoon after coming home from work he usually winds down by playing the xbox and almost always watches TV in his room rather than in the family room due to different show interests to his parents. He keeps his phone close at all times for social media purposes as well as messaging and keeping up with sporting news. He also owns a laptop, however hasn’t used it in years as he finds his phone provides all the functions he needs and if not, will resort to using the family computer.

The Impact on Family Engagement

It is not unusual for all three members to watch three TVs separately on the same night. Due to the availability of media within the household (e.g. the 3 TVs all with Foxtel), it allows each member to watch their own shows. However, this has created a separation from the traditional TV space where families would watch together. Furthermore, subject 3 more often spends more time in his room using his media devices than in a family shared space, limiting the interaction between the family.


James 2016, pers. comm., 24 October

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