The Household Diaries – The Prices


Family Profile

Subject 1 | Male | Age 67

Subject 1 owns a Nokia mobile phone (NOT a smart phone) and PC. Within the household the only other media he shares with his partner is one TV (without Foxtel) in the lounge room. Subject 1 generally only uses the computer to check emails, research or book trips. He only uses his mobile to communicate with friends and family and when at home he likes to watch TV after dinner, otherwise he prefers to read.

Subject 2 | Female | Age 72

Subject 2 does not own any mobile devices of her own and relies on Subject 1 for messaging purposes, otherwise she uses the landline to make calls to friends and family. She prefers not to use the computer as the functions are not something she is accustomed to. Her TV consumption is usually done during the evenings to watch game shows or soaps, otherwise she prefers to go out, keep busy around the house or read.

The Impact on Family Engagement

Overall, the media usage in the Price household is quite low. The lack of media usage ensures there is still strong communication and connection between the two without any media distractions and as Subject 2 often relies on subject 1 to maintain any digital or mobile interaction (sometimes on behalf of her), that need for communication still exists. Finally, the TV often brings them together as they watch the same shows of a night time.


Harris 2016, pers. comm., 20 October

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