The Household Diaries – The Housemates


Family Profile

Subject 1 | Female | Age 22 

Subject 1 is currently a university student and owns an iPhone, iPad and laptop. She is the biggest media user in the house partly due to her area of study – marketing and PR – requiring a lot of digital media work on her devices. For leisure purposes she is on social media quite often.

Subject 2 | Female | Age 22 

Subject 2 uses media mostly for social purposes on devices such as her iPhone, iPad and laptop. As she currently has family overseas, she uses her laptop often for Skype, as well as Facebook group messages to keep in touch.

Subject 3 | Female | Age 23 

Subject 3 is also a university student and primarily uses her laptop for study and work including assessments and checking emails. She also owns an iPhone used for social purposes such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat and her own TV, however watches the shared TV more often with her housemates.

The Impact on Family Engagement

Due to their varying schedules during the week, media brings them together of a night when they sit in front of the TV while having dinner. They also use this time to talk for about an hour without using other devices. They particularly find their media devices helpful when they aren’t together, but can still keep in touch.


Wallace 2016, pers. comm., 24 October

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