The Household Diaries – The Moncadas


Family Profile

Subject 1 | Male | Age 54

Subject 1 owns a phone, laptop and iPad and uses these devices mostly for communication, social media and news purposes and doing duties such as online banking and paying bills. He watches TV occasionally of a night however prefers to interact with the family.

Subject 2 | Female | Age 50 

Subject 2’s media usage is quite low as she only owns her mobile phone in which she uses for general communication.

Subject 3 | Female | Age 75

Similarly, subject 3 also only owns a phone, only used for calls. She occasionally watches the family TV of a night.

Subject 4 | Male | Age 38

Subject 4 owns a computer and phone and uses these devices mostly for overseas communication to connect with family.

Subject 5 | Female | Age 20

Subject 5 is currently studying at university and is the biggest media user in the house. Due to her studies, it requires her to spend a fair amount of time on her laptop. Socially, she uses her phone quite often for messaging and social media purposes. In free time she often uses her laptop to watch movies and shows online rather than the TV due to the availability of programs and also does other functions such as online shopping.

The Impact on Family Engagement

Media usage within the household doesn’t affect family engagement negatively as they usually only use media in their own time and refrain from using it when they’re together. Media also allows them to connect with relatives overseas, resulting in their close family relations.


Moncada 2016, pers. comm., 24 October

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