The Household Diaries – The Cardwells


Family Profile

Subject 1 | Male | Age 34

Subject 1 is the biggest media user of the household, mainly for work purposes. He owns a phone, laptop and uses the family home computer quite often to work from home, communicate via phone and email and . On occasion at night he will watch TV when the kids have gone to bed.

Subject 2 | Female | Age 32 

Subject 2 owns her mobile phone and an iPad, usually used for leisure purposes. When she needs to do some work she will use the home computer. Most of her media use takes place within the lounge room where she can use her phone or iPad whilst watching the kids in front of the TV of a night.

Subject 3 | Male | Age 5

Subject 5 does not own any devices but enjoys playing games on mum and dad’s phones (however, only allowed on occasion). He enjoys a lot of cartoon TV shows, particularly in the morning and afternoon and spends a couple of hours watching these. He has recently been introduced to computers at school, however these are only used during class time on special occasion.

Subject 4 | Female | Age 3

Subject 4 prefers to play with toys rather than any interactive devices (still too young to understand how to use mum and dads phone properly). Most of her media usage involves watching some TV shows with subject 3 and watching some videos at pre-school.

The Impact on Family Engagement

Subject 1 and 2 ensure they spend plenty of time with the kids playing outside rather than all sitting inside consumed by media. They are a close family and Subject 1 and 2 prefer to use media when the kids are at pre-school or asleep so they can still interact with them and the kids aren’t distracted by mobile phones and the TV. This has ensured the children are active every day and are not always asking to use media devices when they are bored, rather they play with toys or each other.


Cardwell 2016, pers. comm., 26 October

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