The Household Diaries – The Watsons


Family Profile

Subject 1 | Male | Age 44

Subject 1 owns his iPhone and laptop. His phone is primarily used for communication via calls and messaging with both friends and work as well as social media. He enjoys watching TV in the family room of a night during and after dinner.

Subject 2 | Female | Age 42 

Subject 2 only owns an iPhone and TV situated in the master bedroom. She uses her phone at home for social media purposes and often watches TV in the main lounge room whilst cooking and eating dinner. Recently her media usage has been higher as she’s been home looking after the family newborn.

Subject 3 | Male | Age 22

Subject 3 mainly uses his iPhone for media usage. He is a big social media user, particularly Facebook, snapchat and Instagram. He also uses his phone for phone calls and daily messaging. Occasionally he’ll play join his brother to play on the playstation.

Subject 4 | Male | Age 18

Subject 4 owns an iPhone, used for social media and communication, a playstation in which he’ll often play every afternoon, and a laptop, mainly used for study purposes. As he is completing his final year of school, he has been the biggest media user.

Subject 5 | Female | Age 10

Subject 5 loves watching TV and owns her own iPad. She mainly uses this to play games, watch videos, play music and Snapchat family. Often she’ll be playing on her iPad whilst watching cartoons.

Subject 6 | Female | 8 Months

No media usage aside from staring at the TV.

The Impact on Family Engagement

When all at home, the family is brought together in front of the TV to eat dinner and talk. However, other than this, they’re usually separated in different rooms using their individual devices.


Watson 2016, pers. comm., 28 October

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